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The Majestic Galleries is a non-profit, artist-run cooperative that provides exhibition opportunities and connects individuals to contemporary art in Nelsonville, Ohio.
This past year (2023) we produced eleven exhibitions! Some notable exhibitions include the Majestic National Juried Exhibition juried by Don Adleta, Storytime, which included items from the Mahn Center at Ohio University's Alden Library Archives, an Upcycled Art Show curated by Mary Popa featuring creative artwork from local artists utilizing recycled materials, and i want to reach you spotlighting local and regional artists exploring contemporary queer life, co-curated by Jacq Garcia and Selena Loomis.
Our mission is to encourage cultural enrichment and develop strong partnerships within our community. We offer a space where artists are encouraged to experiment and explore new ideas, pushing the limits of current art practices. We foster an inclusive environment that supports a forum for discussion among artists and their audience in southeastern Appalachian Ohio. We strongly believe in the power of education for our area's school children, achieved through offering exhibition and workshop opportunities to local youth, thus helping to foster knowledgeable and thoughtful future generations.
We are always free and open to the public.
Your support is a key element in sustaining this mission.
By donating to Majestic Galleries, you directly contribute to the cultivation of a community where creativity flourishes.
Your generosity will support future exhibitions and workshops, providing invaluable opportunities for local artists and fostering a deep appreciation for the arts within our area.

You can donate via the button below or directly in paypal with our email,
Link to donate:
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